Jumbled up Mumbled up

Rolling out
Sundries on a stroll
unmentionable items
seeking your control

level with the new place
time to make a joke
migrate to a new face
keep the same old bloke

what the hell has gotten into me?
Forgive the white washed recap
of people, places, and things
search for bleeding tree sap
what we really need is wings

It is time for a new horizon
and getting there’s the trick
for together we are rising
and keeping sane might be the tick


Regretfully I wonder
the inconclusive paths
drive by’s in a getaway car
avoiding abating wraths

We had a few close calls

Bubbling Respite

moment of pleasure

briefly narcotic

dive for treasure

come up necrotic.


filled with helium

blip to the top

not as easy

to follow the crop


with tumbling motility

we spiral our way across

travel in pairs

never scared

(of the up and coming)




filter thoughts

charcoal and mold

squeezed out like drops of water

wrung out and strung out

the end of day and light

took all my might

and I alone left

with nothing but right




Musing on the future

Wisps of impressions

Pressed for intention

Show your core

Shadow or stone


I lie in wait,

a hidden secret.

Mate for bait

back straight

What will you make?


It doesn’t take much

to refuse a situation.

Day old and stale,

sickly and frail,

your inhibitions die

with your bad intentions


Don’t tell, See

Act now and show me.

If you want to live forever

it’s up to you.


Picture a sailboat

rocking on reflection.

Is this your election?

Does this capture perfection?


Time is an entity of choice.


So it was written.

So let it be done.



Post strep

At the twist

At the turn

We hold our hearts

And face the burn. 
What would you call it? 

Transition into being 

For yourself

For another 

To your wealth

For a brother 

Are we?

In the middle of something

Forgetful evening

Crossing a thought

A train at the station

Soon to take off.

We are eclipsed by the change of time

You and I



soon to die.



who can stand the test of time?