Sea Foam


When there’s not much left to do


If you still look too

Friend of a friend

Peering through the phone

End of the end

So many years ago

Find myself

Find yourself

So very different


Morning Wake Up Call

Write a new love letter 

Aim it at a different part

Try to become better 

Strengthen your core and your heart 

At the mark of time 

A balance

Choose wisely the next step

At the cross of numbers 

A rhyme 

Paying back a student debt

Learn and grow

Fly and flow

Tried and tough

Truth and know 

Distractions in the Library

What an intrusive desire 

Burden and the other 

Woven deep with wire

Free and even smother 


Calculate a given outcome

Insert motivation and

Try to outrun

Despair, lethargy, hopelessness…

Don’t avoid it to

Be undone


A scourge of electrical impulses
Racing through your molecules
Forcing motion
Forcing life
Aim to keep it and revive

Café brasserie 

Back to the streets

Front to the change 

How do we meet

Something so strange

Demons to scare demons 

Church to hide your sins 

Ravaged roaming roads so

Everybody wins

Sailing on the Canal 

Air drifts in currents 

And talk wafts up in slow shingles 

Layers of lives stacked and floating on molecules 

Drifting to meet the rising heat
How am I to face you?

The frozen tundra of time 

Not infertile 

Only cold 

A mechanism deep in its work
We are flesh 

Knowing and vibrating 

Pieces  and parts to be moved

  Current of blood 

Electrical magnet

Tip-toeing up to be good

Bullet Train 

country side is country side and
the sky is always the sky

we fall
death like withered flowers
we rise
alive with simple powers

eternity encapsulated
the seeding of a soul
faced with sickness, health and wealth
and bleeding from our roles

In terms of sudden impact

Changes like the tides

Cyclical, predictable 

Together we confide

In darkness or in light 

Within our inner sight

We choose to pick a fight

But in the end

Alone we stand

Our demons and our plight. 


Find strength my friends for though we fight ourselves alone

The heart is mighty and with strength unknown. 

Silent Moment

What does it feel like?

A river of rose petals 

Melted like new fallen snow

Alone in the clearest water

Smoothest pebbles below

An echo of trumpet

A fire of being .

We savor the seconds 

Hearts beating .